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PH-Redox Stuurapparaat

voor zowel pH- als Redoxwaarden. Kan uitgerust worden met zowel pH electrode als Redox electrode. Voor aansturing en regeling van een magneetventiel, van elke CO2 installatie en van elk merk.

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Study on Effects of Laser on Tropical Ornamental Fish

China Academy of Sciences 1998

The results of many studies have proven that laser can increase the growth of an organism, but it an also restrain its development. Depending on the wavelength, power, and time of laser radiation, the results can vary because of the conditions. The results of our experiments in the past few years have proven that the incubation rate of eggs from map fish, five-colored immortal fish, and immortal fish has all increased. Laser radiation on gold fish and Mary fish can help their growth. Laser radiation on peacock fish and sword tail fish can increase their colors while the quality of gold fish take on variation after radiation. Our experiments also proven that fish and eggs that have receive laser radiation have increased their disease resistance and experienced lower mortality.

  1. Increase in Incubation Rate of Eggs

    We took the eggs from the same litter by the same parent fish and divided them into two groups for a comparison experiment: a laser group and its comparison group. The experiment is on the effects of different power during the same radiation period and the effects of different radiation periods under the same power. The results proved that, under the best radiation power and conditions, the incubation rate for the eggs in the laser group has increased 20% higher than the other group. The experiments during the periods of cell division and nerve embryo have shown even more obvious results: not only has the incubation rate increased, but the fry are much stronger.
  2. Increase in the Growth of the Fry

    We conducted experiments by dividing into groups with the same radiation periods but different power, under the same power according to different power, and under the same power but different radiation periods. The radiation was on the fish one by one and then on the fish and water together with the fish segregated in a small area. Under the best power and radiation time, the fry with laser radiation increased their growth speed by 30-40%, some even 104%, more than twice faster. They could also breed ahead of time.
  3. Effects of Laser Radiation on Raising Fish

    We conducted experiments on peacock fish from the same litter and divided them into laser radiation group and its comparison group. The results proved that the female fish, after laser radiation, not only increased their growth but also prevented the deterioration of colors. Our experiments with gold fish from the same litter by dividing them into laser group and its comparison group proved that the tail fins of gold fish, after laser radiation, became long and big with bright and beautiful colors. Therefore, laser can be used to increase the colors of ornamental fish and create variation, enhancing the sense of beauty in ornamental fish.
  4. Effects of Laser Radiation on Raising Fish

    Because laser has good focusing, high brightness, and good monochromaticity, the water used for raising fish, after receiving radiation, demonstrated effective disinfection. The fish raised in such water have strong disease resistance and lower mortality.


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